SHOPRO Tarpaulins- Whatever The Weather

Designed with practicality in mind, SHOPRO is the intelligent solution for all kinds of building, construction and maintenance projects. SHOPRO tarpaulins are specially manufactured from strong tightly woven polyethylene providing lasting protection against the elements.

The SHOPRO line of tarpaulins consists of a versatile range suitable for the most demanding industrial environments, as well as tough jobs around the home and garden.

Simply put, SHOPRO tarpaulins are designed to do more.

All our tarps are manufactured with a high-density polyethylene weave, and 100% Virgin HDPE woven fabric. This material is composed of fine sheets of plastic woven with thin strips of plastic. They are then bonded and treated ensuring the tarps are waterproof and resistant against drastic incremental weather changes. All our tarps are LDPE coated ensuring longer durability. In addition, all 4 sides of the tarp are heat sealed & reinforced with P.P. rope in the hem. They also include four corner PVC patch bars with aluminum grommets at every 3’ interval for easy securement.

Besides building and construction purposes, there are many other ways you can use a tarpaulin. Below are the 5 additional uses for a tarpaulin:

  1. Protection

This is the most obvious use that comes to mind when looking at a tarp. It can help you cover anything that needs to be protected from the elements or that needs to be camouflaged. You can put it over your vehicle, packs or other outdoor equipment. You can also use a rope or paracord in order to keep it in place in case of wind or heavy rains.

  1. Ground Cloth

You can also use a tarp as a ground cloth to protect yourself from rocks and branches that are hidden under your shelter. You won’t believe how easy it is to poke or tear your gear when camping in the wilderness.

  1. Shelter

If you want to use a tarp to make a shelter, there are literally dozens of ways that you can pitch a square or rectangular tarp to make a sturdy shelter. All you need is some paracord and a sharp knife to cut staves for poles and turn sticks into stakes to secure the corners.

  1. Containment

You can use a tarp to make a reliable container to catch rainwater or to cache your supplies. The easiest method would be to dig a hole based on the size you need and line it with the tarp. You can also use its grommets around its edge and run a paracord through them and then use it to cinch the sides together to make a bag.

  1. Hammock

If you need to make a raised bed to keep you safe from the ground crawlers or just to stay dry in a damp environment, you can use a tarp to make a sturdy hammock. You will need to run a rope through the grommets on one edge of the tarp then pull them together to bring the edge of the tarp to a point.


SHOPRO is a trusted brand, delivering consistency through a wide selection of products. Let us help you build something memorable. Check out our Complete Tarp Program