Creating change

For nearly 50 years, Holland Imports has helped Canadians complete thousands of projects on the job site and in the home through its wide selection of quality tools, hardware, seasonal products, and accessories. Our longevity has earned us the trust and respect of our customers and manufacturers alike. We are firmly committed to creating value for our customers through the quality of our brands, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.

Our story

Although Holland Imports Inc. was established in 1973, its history runs much deeper: In the 1920s C.G. Punjani, the father of the current owners, opened a small general store in Kisumu, Kenya to service the surrounding rural communities and farms with tools, fishing nets, bicycle parts, and other everyday merchandise. Through hard work, sacrifice, and an unparalleled entrepreneurial drive, the family business grew quickly. His motto throughout this period was “people with service”, a testament to the business’s after-sales service. In time, the Punjani family were known around the country as fair and honest business people.

In response to growing instability in East Africa in the early 1970s, the Punjani Family sold their business, packed up all their belongings, and moved to Vancouver to re-start their lives. Knowing the hardware business from Kenya and with the support and generosity of many Canadians, several members of the Punjani family began working at a small hardware store called Holland Hardware in Maillardville, close to the family home in Coquitlam, BC. When the owner was ready to retire, he sold Holland Hardware to the family. Times were tough in the early days: sales at that time was sometimes less than $40 a day!

Our growth

Working in retail, the family noticed a gap in the market for reasonably priced professional quality tools and hardware. Drawing on its import experience in Kenya and tapping into its fierce independence, the Punjani family began to import hardware items on its own – from China, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea – to compete with more established national brands. With the support of our customers, the business prospered and the Punjani family decided to open an import division. Acknowledging the start that Holland Hardware had given them, Holland Imports Inc. was born.

Today, Holland Imports is headquartered in Surrey, BC and has its Distribution Centre in Chilliwack. It employs more than 80 staff and carries more than 25,000 items covering Hardware, Power Tool Accessories, Outdoor Living, Gardening, and Christmas categories. Across Canada, Holland Imports is recognized as a leading independent wholesaler for a wide range of quality products, its value, and its commitment to excellent customer service.

Our vision

Despite our growth, Holland Imports remains true to the values of its founders by never compromising its integrity, being ready for all kinds of challenges and open to all kinds of opportunities, and most importantly, working hard to make sure that customers are always happy. Our commitment to creating excellent customer experiences continues to be the core of our business. We strive and continue to be an industry leader by investing in people, partnerships, and the community.

Our core competencies


With our years of experience, we have built a vast international supplier base working with more than a hundred factories around the world.


With our wide range of products and purchasing power, we have an unmatched selection of over 25,000 items across many brands and price points.


We provide private labeling capabilities, freight and booking programs, sales representative support, and exceptional customer service.


We are able to distribute products based on your needs, from direct containers to your door, overseas consolidation, cross dock, distribution centre shipping, to drop ship delivery.


Our workforce includes people of various ages, race, gender, ethnicities, and backgrounds allowing us to have a multitude of viewpoints and a broader perspective.


Giving back to our communities, we preserve our support in surrounding neighborhoods, uphold our reputation, and continually foster a positive corporate culture.

Our partners