ROK Oscillating Multi-Tool and Accessories

The Ultimate Tool

Oscillating tools are one of the few power tools that every professional and DIY-er should have in their workshop. Capable of increasing efficiency, performance, and speed in a wide variety of applications, you’ll be amazed at how versatile these compact tools truly are. Best of all, these multi-tools are incredibly simple to operate. With a little instruction, anyone can produce professional, high-quality results.


Constructing Possibilities

Focused on quality, performance, and durability, ROK is dedicated to delivering outstanding products for contractors, industry professionals, and DIYers that offer unmatched value. ROK tools are not just about helping you work smarter and faster. They are also about helping you construct possibilities. That is why for every project on your to-do list there is a ROK Multi Tool Accessory ready to get it done right.

ROK Oscillating Multi Tool Accessories have a universal fit, meaning they are able to fit most tools on the market including brands such as Bosch, Dremel, Dewalt, Fein, Makita, and Milwaukee. They also all have quick change capability for fast accessory changes and greater efficiency. Made with high quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, these blades deliver professional grade performance and market leading innovation. With a wide range of accessories, there are multiple of applications including cutting wood, plaster board, sheet metal and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and more.

How Does an Oscillating Tool Work?

Because an oscillating tool vibrates its blade over a narrow arc, it doesn’t spray dust like a recip saw, jig saw or high-speed rotary tool. With the right accessory, an oscillating tool adds efficiency to your work, allowing you to perform a multitude of tasks including:

  • Grind tile adhesive
  • Trim baseboards and wood flooring
  • Flush-cut door jambs
  • Plunge-cut wood flooring
  • Cut off nails and bolts
  • Clean or remove grout
  • Scrape away old glue or caulking
  • Cut plastic, metal, wood, drywall, and fiberglass

They’re compact, and can easily be operated in even the tightest spaces. And thanks to a wide-variety of available ROK blades, these dynamic tools can efficiently tackle a staggering number of projects. For these reasons, an oscillating multi-tool is a must-have tool for any DIY-er or professional.


ROK Accessories 

Oscillating Multi Tools are capable of accepting a variety of attachments for unrivaled versatility. Below are just a few of the ROK Accessories available.

Wood Cutting Blades

ROK Wood Cutting blades are staples of your accessory tool box, ideal for undercutting baseboards and flush-cutting door jambs. You can even use a wide blade with aggressive Japanese-style teeth for fast cutting and a fine finish. A straight blade is best for plunge cuts, where you stab the blade into the surface. For long, linear cuts, use a round oscillating saw blade. You’ll get cleaner cuts with the round blade if you make a shallow scoring cut first, then gradually deepen it with an oscillating saw. In any case, keep in mind that heat kills blades. Occasionally swing the oscillating tool blade back and forth out of the kerf to clean out dust.

Bi-Metal Blades

For metal cutting, be sure to buy ROK blades labeled Bi-Metal. They cut slower than wood cutting blades, but they can handle rugged materials, like nail-embedded wood, that could damage a standard wood-cutting blade. Slice through plastic, copper and even galvanized metal piping with ease. Slash off excess screws that would otherwise be unsightly, if not dangerous. Because of the compact and portable nature of a multi-tool, awkward angles and tight spaces are super simple to navigate. This means you can trim of pipes and screws inside of cabinets, in the ceiling, behind the wall and under floor boards and many other hard to reach places.

Scraper Blades

Get rid of stubborn patches of dried construction adhesive, joint compound and other gunk without spending hours on your knees hacking with a putty knife. With an oscillating tool equipped with a scraper blade, you can slice it off in no time. ROK scraper blades are available in both both rigid and flexible styles. Rigid scrapers are best for peeling off old carpet, lino, dried-on glue or even old gasket material. Flexible scrapers excel at removing caulking or paint, and hook scrapers can clean up the narrowest of crevices.

Carbide Grit Blades

Attach a ROK triangular-shaped carbide-grit rasp to your tool and now you’ve got yourself a convenient mortar grinder. Remove hardened thin-set mortar from a floor tile you’re trying to salvage. In a few seconds you can remove set mortar, cement and dried adhesive with a grinding attachment. You may want to cut out and replace the grout in a bath area just to freshen it up, or you may have a major bath remodeling or repair that occurs when you replace a shower valve for example. An oscillating tool’s carbide-grit attachment can cut both grout and even the tile itself if necessary.

Sanding Pads

The ROK triangular sanding head on an Oscillating Multi Tool helps you smooth rough wood in corners, sand down wood filler, and smooth over jagged edges of scraped paint. Doors, shutters, and furniture, among other things, have narrow edges, and the long narrow shape of an Oscillating Multi Tool, combined with a triangular sanding pad, makes it particularly well-suited for smoothing these surfaces.

With a variety of practical uses both in the home and workplace, the ROK Oscillating Multi Tool is sure to become one of the most reliable tools you’ll ever buy.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or an avid do-it-yourself, ROK is dedicated to delivering advanced solutions that offer increased productivity for all jobs.


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