New Holland Greenhouse Garden Hoses

Taking care of your lawn and garden shouldn’t become a tedious and difficult hobby. Our new line of Holland Greenhouse and Greenhouse Plus garden hoses are made in the USA, and help you accomplish a wide variety of home and garden tasks, to heavy duty applications with high exposure to wear and tear.

Weather you need a light-duty garden hose for watering or washing, or a heavy-duty hose for contractor and farm use, we have the right solution to make these watering tasks easier.

Heavy Duty Garden Hose

Our new heavy-duty garden hose features lead-free, crush-proof aluminum couplings that can withstand being trampled or run over by garden equipment. The abrasion-resistant cover keeps the hose in top shape year after year, and with a limited lifetime warranty you can be sure that you’ll be using this garden hose over the long term.

With sizes ranging from 25′-100′, you can find the perfect length for any size yard or landscaping project, giving you plenty of room to weave around plants and garden equipment. Designed to meet the needs of even the most active gardener, these garden hoses are incredibly durable, with a soft and flexible outer jacket.

RV Marine Hose

Designed for a variety of applications when you are on the boat or a road trip, our new RV Marine Hose will ensure that you will have a strong water flow for a variety of tasks. This hose features a powerful burst strength of 300 PSI and crush-proof, stainless-steel couplings. Whether you need to rinse off the dirt and stains from the deck of your yacht, or quickly fill up the drinking water tank, this hose can do it all.

This drinking water hose is lead and phthalate free, and the water supplied from it doesn’t have any additional odors or chemical tastes. With a 1/2″ diameter octagonal female coupling, it will fit most standard water supply sources. With only 2.54 lbs. of weight and great flexibility characteristics, this RV & marine water hose is easy to carry, store and transport.

Farm/Contractor Grade Hose

Built tough to withstand all the daily wear and tear you will experience on a busy farm or construction site, our new Farm Grade Hose will be your go-to water hose year after year. The hose has an octagonal shape for ultimate kink resistance, allowing you to weave around equipment and other obstacles without constant backtracking.

To meet your professional and agricultural needs, the larger 3/4-inch diameter delivers higher volumes of water than a standard garden hose. Also available in a 100’ length, users will be able to move comfortably around a standard yard or work site while maintaining a high-water volume, making it great for contractors, landscapers and small farm operators.

This farm grade hose has a burst strength of 500 PSI, with heavyweight reinforcement at high water pressure areas for lasting durability. It also features lead-free, crush-proof XL couplings that will retain their shape even when run over by heavy equipment. The robust, heavy duty design makes them easy to use with a gloved hand even on chilly days.

Designed to offer value on quality gardening products, our new line of garden hoses delivers superior quality at affordable prices for homeowner, avid gardener, and professional contractor or farmer. Look out for these hoses coming early 2020.